Today I am going to share one of my recipes for a super-rich and nutritious hand, feet and body butter that I usually use instead of creams.


It consist of 4 raw, unrefined organic butters: Shea, Cupuacu, Avocado and Allanblackia. I mix them together in a blender and apply generously on my feet and hands before going to sleep.

Shea Butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree.

– Has wound-healing properties

– Soothes sunburned skin and insect bites

– Improves overall look of scars and stretch marks

– Soothes minor rashes, like diaper rash

– Heals blemishes and wrinkles

– Can be used prior to shaving to minimize razor burn

– Soften callouses on feet

– Easily absorbed without blocking pores (non-comedogenic)

– Revitalizes, softens & maintains skin moisture


Shea Butter contains:

– Vitamins A, E and F

– Cinnamic acid – a natural sun screen

Cupuacu Butter is somewhat exotic, but is now gaining worldwide attention due to its beauty enhancing properties. This is my favorite butter at the moment.

Cupuacu is a stable butter obtained from the fruit seed of the Cupuacu tree in the Amazon Rain Forest. – Soothes dry and damaged skin

– Restores skin’s elasticity

– Helps aging skin absorb water

– Improves skin moisture barrier


Cupuacu Butter contains:

– Huge amount of C Vitamin

– Quercetin, a plant-derived beauty-maintaining flavonoid

– Highest concentration of essential fatty acids

– Antioxidants

– Phytosterols, which have emollient and soothing properties

Allanblackia butter comes from seeds in the fruit of the Allanblackia tree. The Allanblackia tree is commonly found in parts of West, Central and East Africa (from Sierra Leone to Tanzania). The butter has been used by the locals for centuries, but, the use of this butter is not that popular in Europe. Yet.

One of the most unusual facts about the Allanblackia butter is that it consists almost entirely or Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid, which are known to promote soft and supple skin. – Improves Skin Tone

– Great skin emollient, soothes and softens the skin

– Promotes the production of antioxidants

– Has a low comedogenic level, does not block pores

– Extremely moisturizing

– Good skin penetration and spreadability


Avocado Butter Contains:

– A, D and E Vitamins

– Unsaturated Fatty Acids

– Lecithin


So all you have to do is to put all 4 butters in same proportions into a blender and blend them until the butters become smooth and creamy.

You can use this butter mix as a hand and feet balm, hair mask, body butter (especially good for dry elbows and knees). After a week of using it on your hands and feet you will notice a big difference in skin tone, which will become more even and bright, your nails will become whiter (according to my personal experience) and the skin will feel smooth and supple.