Recently I have read a lot about the benefits of Rice Bran Oil. Apparently, in Japan, Rice Bran Oil along with Rice Bran have been used for centuries to achieve soft and blemish-free skin.

After trying it on my hands and face I’ve noticed immediate results – dry skin on my hands became supple and the cuticles looked less flaky and more groomed.


So, the benefits of Rice Bran Oil are:


– Rich in an antioxidant called Gamma Oryzanol and Ferulic Acid, which play a key role in maintaining healthy skin.

Vitamin E – a natural antioxidant.

Phytosterols, that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), which adds a healthy glow to the skin.

Enzymes, such as co-enzyme Q10, that protect the skin.

Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc…

Squalene – a powerful antioxidant also found in shark liver oil which promotes collagen production in the skin.


Also, Rice Bran Oil does not clog pores, so it is OK to use on normal skin (I have normal skin and after using it for a week I haven’t noticed any new pimples).


But most of all I love to use it on my hands as an intense and nutritious hand treatment. After this pack my hands become super smooth and supple. I’ve also noticed that the skin becomes lighter and it evens out the skin tone.


In some papers I’ve read that Rice Bran Oil is also used in skin whitening.


Rice Bran Oil Hand Treatment.

For this amazing treatment all you need is a little bit of high-quality organic Rice Bran Oil and polyethylene gloves that come in a big pack and you can usually get them in a supermarket.

1. Pour the oil into your hands and massage it in.

2. Then cover your oily hands with the gloves and leave for 25-60 min. Or even overnight.

You will see immediate results. Dry skin will feel moisturized and so incredibly soft!