According to my personal experience – my skin looks the best when it is regularly exfoliated. Scrubs remove dead skin cells, making place for new fresh ones. Also massaging your face with a scrub improves blood circulation and skin’s metabolism. Which leads to glowing and refined skin.

One of my new favorite scrubs is the Rice Bran and Camellia Oil Scrub. Surprisingly, rice bran particles are quite strong when mixed with oil and not water (rice bran becomes very soft when mixed with water) and make a perfect base for a scrub. They are effective, but not as hard as sea salt or sugar grains.


For an exfoliating and moisturizing scrub I mix rice bran with a Japanese oil that, according to most sources, was used widely by GeishasCamellia Oil.

Camellia Oil is extracted from the seeds of Camellia Sinensis, a plant that provides us with tea leaves. Yes, the tea we usually drink. It is also known as Tea Seed Oil or Tsubaki Oil.


After washing off the scrub, some Camellia Oil will be left on the skin. Which is amazing due to its beauty enhancing benefits, that are:


Camellia Oil is composed of at least 85% Oliec acid, which has a strong skin penetration power. This acid gets into the deep layers of our skin and enhances the effects of collagen and elastin.

It softens the skin and is safe to apply on irritated and broken skin.

It doesn’t leave a heavy greasy feeling like most oils.


So, for this scrub you will need:

Camellia Oil and Rice Bran.


1. Mix them together.


2. Massage your face for 1 minute with this paste and wash it off.


Your skin will feel smooth, moisturized and renewed.