For generations, the Japanese have used Nightingales Droppings as a stain remover. As it worked well and did not damage the textile, Japanese Kabuki actors and Geisha started to use the droppings on their skin for blemishes and whitening purposes. This practice later spread amongst court nobles and ladies of the Samurai families. Today, Nightingales Droppings are still used in Japan as a cleansing face mask and / or whitening treatment on both men and women. This all natural product is perfectly safe and easy to use on both oily and dry skin.

Japanese Nightingale, Japan

Due to the short intestine of the Nightingale bird, Nightingales Droppings are said to contain protein, a degrading enzyme for fat, and whitening enzyme, which act on scurf and fat to help whiten the skin and even out blemishes.

Nightingale Flying by Moon by Ogata Gekko

The droppings keeps moisture in the skin but cleanses well at the same time. The droppings are sun-dried for over 2 weeks and at the same time are sterilised by the ultraviolet light. Then, the droppings are turned to a fine powder in the specially made container (rotating for 18 hours with the ceramic ball). Recently celebrities have discovered this secret with media reports claiming David and Victoria Beckham use this treatment.