Remember this well known remedy against puffy and swollen eyes? Putting tea bags on your eyes to make them fresh and toned up?


I used to do this, but alway found it a bit messy – the tea bags would fall from my eyes if I stood up. And I just had to stand up due to the fact that lying on my bed for 20 min was too boring for me!


Then I found an alternative to this old method:


You can take the Green Tea powder and mix it with water, or, in my case – Japanese Camellia Oil to moisturize the delicate eye area as well.


Green Tea will bring to blood flow to your skin and diminish any puffiness. It will also bring skin-improving beta-carotene, Vitamin C and potent antioxidants to the skin!


Camellia Oil will moisturize the eye area, nourishing the skin with Oliec acid, which gets into the deep layers of our skin and enhances the effects of collagen and elastin. This magic oil is extremely penetrating and does not leave an oily residue.


So, for this eye mask you will need:


1. Green Tea Powder

2. Camellia Oil (or water, or any other oil that you prefer)



1. Pour a little bit of the Green Tea Powder into a bowl and mix it with a little bit of Camellia Oil.

eyemask2 eyemask3

2. Mix these ingredients into a sticky paste. Apply it and keep on for 15 min.

eyemask4 eyemask5